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    These Drawings Explain Planning A Wedding On A Budget

    Should we elope?

    The engagement.

    Five minutes of serenity.

    The realization that venues book up a year or more in advance.

    Suddenly everything looks like a possible venue option.

    And then nothing looks like a venue option.

    You consider eloping.


    Even your mom seems like she's on board.

    Then she starts to cry.

    You end up booking a venue that pleases everyone.

    Completely exhausted, you're thrilled to potentially relax a little and figure out the guest list.

    Take whatever you thought it was going to be and multiply by four and then painfully cut it in half.

    You consider eloping again, but you already put money down on the venue.

    Time to pick out "save the dates."

    You look for cheap options but soon realize anything that has to do with weddings is marked up by 5 million percent.

    You say good-bye to all your money.

    And in some cases comfort your parents for losing all their money.

    The eye of the storm.

    Three months later the invitations, food, decor, and seating arrangements hit you like an avalanche.

    You consider carrying bags of rocks instead of flowers to cut costs.

    Your mom cries again.


    You consider eloping one last time.

    The wedding.

    Everyone cries happy tears.