If Disney Princesses Were Their Real Ages

    They grow up so fast...so weirdly fast.

    Snow White as an actual 14-year-old dealing with puberty and all the acne and bad eyebrows that entails.

    Jasmine as a real, baby-cheeked, rebellious 15-year-old.

    Pocahontas whispering she's only 18 into John Smith's ear.

    Ariel as an awkward 16-year-old dealing with a crush.

    Mulan experimenting with hair and makeup like an actual 16-year-old.

    Belle as a baby-faced 17-year-old who doesn't yet know how to control her hair or her feelings for the bad boy.

    And Aurora being rightfully freaked out as a 16-year-old being approached by a strange man in the woods.