A Man Had His Body Photoshopped In 18 Countries To Examine Global Beauty Standards

“Perceptions of perfection across borders.”

1. Inspired by artist Esther Honig and using this original picture…

…a U.K.-based online doctor service asked graphic designers from around the world to photoshop the model’s form by making him, in their opinion, more attractive to other citizens of each of their countries.

In their words:

“Our own research found that 40% of men in the UK felt pressure from television and magazines to have a ‘perfect’ body and this has negative effects on how they view themselves and others.

“We hope this report helps to empower men to place their physical and mental health above appearance to ensure we become a nation where body confidence is, in fact, the cultural norm.”

The results are very interesting:

3. Australia

4. Bangladesh

8. Indonesia

10. Pakistan

11. Philippines

12. Portugal

14. South Africa

17. United States

18. See all the countries included in the study below:

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