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    19 Tattoos That Will Make Art History Nerds Geek Out

    Body art.

    1. This Miró arm art.

    2. A couple's perfect Picasso ankle drawings.

    3. Klimt's The Kiss forever immortalized.

    4. A Warhol banana perfectly placed.

    5. Matisse in blue ink.

    6. An homage to Michelangelo.

    7. This Pollock-inspired masterpiece.

    8. Frida. Frida. Frida.

    9. Miró minimalism.

    10. A delicate outline of a Dali masterpiece.

    11. Picasso in full color.

    12. This classy Keith Haring.

    13. Chagall on hip magic.

    14. Another brilliant Haring.

    15. Matisse tattoo party.

    16. This interpretation of Starry Night.

    17. Georgia O'Keeffe masterfully inked.

    18. A simple Picasso dog drawing.

    19. And this stunning Van Gogh arm painting.