19 GIFs Of Cupcakes Being Frosted To Ease Your Stressed Soul

Deliciously soothing.

1. Let this lil’ chocolate dollop calm you down.

2. Exhale into endless wavy goodness.

3. Get lost in this sweet rose.

4. And watch these sugar boops.

5. Enjoy this mallowy swirl.

6. Take a deep breath and enjoy this frosting maze.

7. Relax into this ruffled winter treasure.

Luella’s Bakery / Via instagram.com

8. Chocolate decadence in motion.

9. Take a sigh of relief and watch these lavender rosettes appear.

10. Delicious pink clouds float by.

11. Chocolate and vanilla collide.

12. Squeeze the tension out of your mind.

13. And follow the tip of yum round and round.

14. Soft pink circular kisses.

15. This frosting isn’t worried about anything.

16. Leave your troubles for a ruffled pink paradise.

17. And swirl away into dusty purple space.

18. Spin your frown upside down.

19. And relax into the joy of cupcakes.

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