15 Of The Funniest Harry Potter Comics Ever

    Yer a comic 'arry!

    1. This new point of view.

    2. This more realistic scenario.

    3. This comic that reimagines Harry Potter in 2016.

    4. These comics that look at how it must have been to be a background character at Hogwarts.

    5. This unused loophole.

    6. This comic that shows what the snake really said.

    7. This very real problem.

    8. This closer examination of Harry and Hagrid's relationship.

    9. This insider look into Dumbledore's office.

    10. This modern sorting ceremony situation.

    11. This gross idea.

    12. This subject the books didn't touch on.

    13. This well kept secret.

    14. This ~super~ accurate reenactment.

    15. And this perfect follow-up.