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11 Incredibly Simple Hair Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Get ready for seriously glorious hair (and like 10 minutes more sleep, obvi). For your perfect look, look no further than L'Oréal Studio Pro hair products so you can style like a pro!

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1. Make your own spin pin by taking a regular (metal) bobby pin, folding it flat, then wrapping it tightly around a pen.

Spin pins have much better hold than bobby pins (like, 20 times better) and are especially great for fine hair that immediately escapes any bobby pin confinement. Spin pin to the rescue.

3. And if your ponytail is being kinda lazy, you can use bobby pins to keep it alert, too.

Use a hair tie to put up your hair as normal. Then slide two bobby pins — one on either side of the ponytail — down along your hair tie and into your hair.

4. Use a toothbrush to tame flyaways — seriously!

Spray some hairspray on a toothbrush (that you keep for this purpose — please don’t also brush your teeth with it, omg) and brush against the hairs that are refusing to be tamed. Your flyaways chill out, and you don’t have a ton of product in your hair. Win-win!

5. If you know a shower in the morning is not in the cards (tbh 15 minutes more of sleep is almost always superior), dry-shampoo your hair the night before.

It’ll work its way through your hair more thoroughly, giving you more volume! This is an especially rad tip for thinner-haired folks.

7. Hoping to get gorgeous curls without damaging heat? Take a small piece of water-absorbing cloth (a cut-up towel, for instance) and roll a lock of your hair around it, starting at the ends. When you get to your root, tie the ends of the cloth together.

Repeat for as many curls as you'd like to have. Sleep on it, then wake up to gorgeous curls you can shake out or leave tight!

8. If you have thick, super-straight hair and struggle to turn your volume to 11, put your hair in a topknot right after your shower — then sleep in that sucker.

9. And if you have thinner hair, turn up the volume by applying mousse the ~right~ way.

Squeeze about a golf ball–sized amount into your palm, then take a comb and gently run it through the product to get some on the bristles. Comb through your (damp!) hair, starting at about mid-length, right through to the roots. This will give you amazing volume without that crunchy feeling!

10. Want to fake a super-long pony? You can fake that, my friend.

Put half your hair into a ponytail high up on your head and half of your hair into a second ponytail a bit further down, still under the fuller part of your first ponytail — together, they’ll look like one continuous ponytail! Voila! Magical, super-long ponytail.

And to get all of these stress-free #lewks, check out fun hair tutorials by L’Oréal Paris Studio Pro.

Illustrations by Marjan Farsad for BuzzFeed.