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Five Steps To Dressing Minimalist And Still Embracing The Fashionista Within

Ok, first thing you'll want to know is that it doesn't take having a massive wardrobe to look good. In fact, in many ways, you can look impeccable all the time if you have less clothes to ponder over wearing. The minimalist wardrobe has beautiful pieces that can be used for many occasions. In many ways, you may find yourself feeling more confident about your fashion choices when you develop a minimalist frame of mind.

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5. Knowing Your True Style

As the saying goes, when you stand for something, you won't fall for everything else. What does that mean when it comes to your look? You can always tell those women that truly know what their fashion preferences are. It suits them, they walk with a certain air of confidence. It is serendipitous. Think back on what you've always felt good in. This personal style that is yours can often be derailed by the latest trends which is where the overstuffed closet comes from. Define what it is you're really about and dress to nurture your true self. That's how you rock any outfit.

4. The Perfect Foundation in Minimal Dressing

If you're eager to go minimalist, you're going to have to buy some pieces that can go with everything. One of these pieces should include tones and solids that fit with everything. The Hepburn silk shirt by VAUGHAN is a great example of how a solid shirt can be your go-to. It comes in a variety of colors and offers a foundation that can be layered upon. Wearing it with a suit or on it's own can have varying effects in looks. Having a collection of these types of shirts will allow you to need less clothes with plenty of looks.

2. Choosing Colors that Work for You


You can go basic with your foundations and add color on top of it or you can choose to make your foundations colorful. Whatever you decide, know what colors you love and work with them.

1. Accessories Add Life to Your Look


You know you love them. Accessories. The shoes, bag, jewelry, scarves, and whatever else. This is where you can freely express yourself even when you're looking for the minimalist look. From simple pearls to outrageous bangles, you can create a fun, exciting look with your basic foundation. This will allow you to rock an outfit and lose some of the fun if you happen to have an important business meeting. Just check out this outfit alternative. Can you see how peeling off some of the layers will change your look? Just exchange the jacket and bag with something less adventurous and you're good for any board meeting. Hold onto the coat for later when it's cocktail hour however.

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