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5 Surprising Things About Black Magic You Don't Know

Ok, so you probably have images of darkness, spells, and witchy type people when you think of black magic. You may not even believe that it’s possible for people to throw negative spells on one another. The thing is, you may believe in other aspects of energy or unexplainable phenomenon’s so why exclude this possibility? What if it’s possible? Are you at risk? Did you upset someone that you barely knew and directly after you started experiencing a downward spiral in your life? Hopefully you haven’t but if you were a believer in black magic, you’d probably be conscious in life. That’s not really a way to live. Here are some things about black magic that you likely weren’t aware of.

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1. All Magic is Considered Black Magic

If you look up black magic, you will see that all magic is considered “black.” Why? Long ago, it went against the church to perform something that they say only god is capable of. Magic is often considered sorcery by researchers who have looked back through the centuries. Within this bubble, there are rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, and a language. The aim is to manipulate the supernatural forces. Again, this is just what researcher’s say based on studies from the past. The church deemed magic a bad thing to prevent people from following the modalities associated with it. Still to this day, the Western culture seems to be a little creeped out by magic of any kind.

This may have a lot to do with the fact that scholars of religion haven’t been able to properly define what magic is. If there was some better definitions of what black magic is, it would help to clear up misconceptions groups have. There is spiritual healing which breaks black magic, but there is no good magic. You cannot break black magic with other types of magic.

2. Black Magic can Be Done From a Long Distance

Those with the ability to curse you can do so from afar. There are some things that will have to fall in line in order for their curse against you to work. They might prepare a voodoo doll or poppet with intention to harm you.

There are many other methods a person can curse you also. Perhaps the scariest part is that someone can be hired to put a black magic spell on you. If you suspect that you have made an enemy who’s looking for revenge, you can protect yourself too. This can be anything from a protection amulet to getting in touch with a spiritual healer who can protect you, just in case.

3. A Black Magic Curse can Manifest into a Loss of Material Items

Just like anywhere in the world, your life can begin to unravel. Certain religions and cultures know about black magic and its effects already. In the West, we are more likely to blame ourselves if our life begins to fall apart for unknown reasons. It may be hard to wrap your head around the fact that a black magic curse is responsible for great loss in your life. Black magic symptoms include:

A sudden disconnect from your partner.

You have difficulty sleeping.

You start to lose the respect of friends.

You may become dissatisfied for no reason.

You may lose your job for your behaviors or through no fault of your own.

You have difficulty thinking straight.

It feels as though your circumstances are so extraordinary that life couldn’t possibly be normal.

Maybe you have a black magic curse on you, maybe it’s just the way life went. The cool thing is, you can also get checked. There’s even some prominent black magic healers out there that will give you a free check.

4. A Reputable Person Won't Do Black Magic on Your Enemy

Someone with the power to actively do black magic would usually not send negative intentions as a paid service. This kind of breaks the code of people among the magic realm. Not only does it have powerful effects that can ruin lives, it can also come back to the person ten-fold. The reputable people out there who practice Wicca or black magic protection and removal are using magic for the betterment of the world. If you’re angry at someone, it’s best not to get involved with ruining someone’s life.

5. You can Break Black Magic Through the Use of Talisman and Prayer

While you may not really know what to do in order to fight off a black magic curse on you, there are people that do. Once you’ve been under a spell for some time, it’s not possible for you to pick yourself back up. A professional healer that can break black magic will give you hope. They will give you specific instructions based on their knowledge of the kind of spell you have and its strength. To break the black magic spell that has taken over your life, it may take several weeks. You will likely receive a package from your spiritual healer. You will also receive protection and healing prayers from afar. Just as someone put a spell on you from afar, the spell can also be broken from a long distance.

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