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    5 Pretty Pastel Filled Cities You Need To Visit & Where To Go

    May the pastel, rainbow and unicorn trends live forever. If you're a self-confessed colour addict, then these are the pretty cities and spots you need to add to your travel list.

    1. London, England

    @LondonJem / Via Instagram: @londonjem

    Bywater Street, Chelsea: perfectly painted street off of famous Kings Road

    @ckhyara / Via Instagram: @ckhyara

    Restaurant Ours, Kensington: stunning restaurant and bar

    @LondonJem / Via Instagram: @londonjem

    Palm Vaults, Hackney: vegan and very Instagrammable

    @perrichon87 / Via Instagram: @perrichon87

    God's Own Junkyard, Walthamstow: neon art warehouse

    @westkengirl / Via Instagram: @westkengirl

    Elan Cafe, Mayfair: flower filled newly opened cafe

    2. Los Angeles, USA

    @nonstopeats / Via Instagram: @nonstopeats

    Cauldron Ice Cream: dessert parlour serving rose ice cream bubble waffles

    @amytangerine / Via Instagram: @amytangerine

    Mar Vista Art Walk: home to vibrant creative street art

    @museumoficecream / Via Instagram: @museumoficecream

    Museum of Ice Cream: art installation with a series of epic ice cream themed rooms

    @chichappenedblog / Via Instagram: @chichappenedblog

    Alfred Tea Room

    @amytangerine / Via Instagram: @amytangerine

    The Beverly Hills Hotel

    3. Dubai

    http://@avec.dia / Via Instagram: @avec.dia

    Unicorn Vibes Sweets: ice cream parlour

    @londonjem / Via Instagram: @londonjem

    D3 Design District: urban creatives district where you can find, street art, food and shopping

    @dubayingcom / Via Instagram: @dubayingcom

    Dubai Miracle Gardens: worlds largest flower garden

    @magdajano / Via Instagram: @magdajano

    Jolie Floral Boutique Cafe: flower filled cafe

    4. Paris, France

    @londonjem / Via Instagram: @londonjem

    Disneyland Paris: Cinderellas Castle / Via Instagram:

    Aloha Cafe: pinks and palms

    @londonjem / Via Instagram: @londonjem

    Notre-Dame Cathedral: famous landmark surrounded by blossom trees

    @likeroxane / Via Instagram: @likeroxane

    Au Vieux Paris: cute cafe

    @londonjem / Via Instagram: @londonjem

    Rue Cremieux: the most colourful street in Paris

    5. New York City, USA

    @29rooms / Via Instagram: @29rooms

    29 Rooms: art installation involving 29 crazy rooms

    @lindseypollack / Via Instagram: @lindseypollack

    Stuffed Ice Cream: ice cream parlour

    @claudiaffrau / Via Instagram: @claudiaffrau

    Cha Cha Matcha: cafe

    @eldiariodeandru / Via Instagram: @eldiariodeandru

    Pietro Nolita: very pink Italian cafe

    @taramilktea / Via Instagram: @taramilktea

    New Museum: art gallery

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