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    18 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In San Diego

    There's way more to the city than sun, beaches, and brews.

    1. Treat yo' self to a flight of ice cream.

    2. Visit a yeast factory — for the beer.

    3. Invest in artwork by Dr. Seuss.

    4. Enjoy a ~legit~ California burrito.

    5. Go on a safari.

    6. Discover dinosaurs in the desert.

    7. Spend an afternoon at the Cat Café.

    8. Catch some crazy-ass fish during the Grunion Run.

    9. Take a tour of the Taylor Guitars Factory.

    10. Go tide pooling.

    11. Ice skate by the ocean.

    12. Feed a grizzly bear.

    13. Dive with sunken ships.

    14. Explore secret sea caves.

    15. Conquer your fears on a suspension bridge.

    16. Hike a surf trail.

    Very well-known among the surfer community, the Ho Chi Minh Trail is a trail that leads to the beach, and is maintained by hikers and surfers. The hike requires a bit of scrambling and sure-footedness, but rewards you with an out-of-this-world landscape. You'll climb the Sand Steps, a group of small sand cliffs, and there's even a section that gets ~reallllly~ narrow. Imagine doing this hike with a surfboard!

    BONUS: Once you're down at the beach, head south and get a glimpse of the "Mushroom House," the house above that for real looks like a mushroom. Crazy.

    17. Have fresh sea urchin at a farmer's market.

    18. Visit a bridge that doubles as a musical instrument.

    So, who's ready for a trip to San Diego?