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Grey's Anatomy

For 14 seasons, Grey's Anatomy has ruled over ABC. The show has made you laugh, weep and feel every range of emotion including complete hatred for Shonda Rhimes who seems keen on making the audience cry (seriously...Derek had to die?) However, Rhimes did bring joy to her fans when she added the incredibly smart and talented new sister- Maggie Pierce.

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What Pierce brings to the table

Adam Taylor / ABC

One of the most admirable things about Pierce is that she's completely brilliant and yet incredibly humble. Pierce who was a high school/college "nerd" had a hard time making friends throughout her life- mainly because they were intimidated by her intelligence. After med school, Pierce arrives to Grey Sloan Memorial to find her sisters Meredith and Amelia. The three get off to a rocky start but eventually Pierce reveals herself to be a fiercely loyal sister, friend and surgeon.

When Maggie first joins the show we see a brilliant woman who at an extremely young age, has achieved incredible things. Pierce, who is chief of Cardiothoracic surgery, was initially shy and unaware of just how great she was. However, throughout the past 2 seasons, Pierce begins coming into her own. Meeting her sisters and bonding with her father has offered her a certain confidence and support system that she had been lacking for a while. Pierce has become more bold in her abilities, her love life and her friendships. In Season 13, Pierce had a very strained relationship with her adoptive mother who decided to get a divorce from her father. We see Pierce's personality drastically change during this period and become increasingly hostile towards her mother. For her whole life, Pierce relied on both of her adoptive parents being together and the idea of them getting a divorce changed her outlook on life and love. However, the biggest personality change we see in Pierce comes from two different moments: when her mother dies of cancer, and when she realizes she has feelings for Jackson who helped her through her grief. These two moments have defined Pierce's personality ever since. Pierce has begun realizing that she is young, beautiful, smart and way too young to live a sheltered life.

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