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Let's Talk About Break-Ups

Let's be honest, we've all been there.

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I am writing this because I'm currently in a post-break up kind of world and I find that reading about it sometimes helps. However, I'm having an issue because most of the advice I've read online doesn't necessarily apply to my kind of break-up. So this is just me having a go at talking about the different kind of break-ups, and not necessarily in a nice way. Let's make it real: they suck but you will be ok.

The 'I don't love you anymore' or 'I never loved you'

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Let's be honest, quite brutal and a total shock to hear, especially when you don't expect it. Particularly horrible because it feels like your relationship with them was a lie, that you were used, and that you wasted your time.

Advice you will receive: Well it's best he/she is out of your life (which again, let's be honest: it's true).

The one taken from a film ‘you deserve someone better’ or ‘it’s not you, it’s me’, / Via

It may be true, they know the relationship isn't going anywhere or that it's not for them anymore. However, using these kind of lines is just a lack of respect. We'd much prefer honesty over a cheesy line that has sadly, been used way too much.

Advice you will receive: You deserve better he/she is a ***. (Ironic because it's the same thing they said...)

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No respect here. If you can look someone in the eye after doing this, shame on you (this includes you Zayn). We all know break-ups are hard but have the decency to make it humane for both of you.

You don't need advice there will only be ranting over this. (And it's totally acceptable)

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Fair enough. Most people want a relationship where they can see the person all the time, so having separate plans is an indicator that it might have reached the end. This one can be tough because the feelings can be strong but the circumstances aren't in your favour.

Advice you will receive: You made the right choice. (Probably true but does not make it any easier)

Reality is all break-ups are hard and every person will deal with them differently, hence why this isn't a post offering advice. This is a post for all of us that have suffered from a heartbreak and a post to say: it's ok. With this I want to acknowledge that it happens and that you're not alone, so be sad if you want to be sad, just know that it gets better.

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