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    Up Close With Eddie Otero

    Influencer marketing has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Companies are now recognizing the importance of relying on people who have amassed thousands of followers on their various social media platforms. Taking a close look at high profile influencers’ Instagram accounts, you will realize that they partner with financial brands. A good example is Kylie Jenner, who takes special care in mentioning a vitamin product for a $630,000 fee. Despite the fact that many influencers have their personal lives constantly broadcasted on social media platforms, only few can tell what goes on behind the cameras. Many people, therefore, have unanswered questions concerning these famous influencers. For answers to some of these questions, we turned to Eddie Otero. Eddie has close to two-hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

    Who is Eddie Otero?


    I am a Colombian /Venezuelan artist with a major in Advertising and Video Production. I create content for a living, for myself and for many brands like Zumba, the number one fitness brand in the world.

    Talk to us about the development of Eddie Otero? Where did you get the idea? What inspired you to follow this path?


    I was always inclined into Fashion since I was a kid. One day I met Stepahine Cosmopolitan who taught me most of the details that I now know. Thanks to the inspiration from her, I started caring about my personal appearance and even decided to lose weight. I would post pictures on social media with my outfits and within a few months followers started tripping in. Eventually, I started getting offers from different brands and up to now am doing it on a full-time basis.

    How do you keep track of your followers?


    Social media is a good way of sharing information and making new friends. This also applies to the fashion industry since it opens the world to different fashion designs. With a huge following, it is quite hard to keep in touch with every person. Fortunately, Instagram insights have really helped me in keeping all my followers happy. For my followers, I mostly consider the age, sex, and location

    What makes you unique from other influencers?


    Being an influencer means that you have to meet different personalities from all over the world. Even so, most of my friends are influencers who enjoy a wide following on social media. However, we all have unique backgrounds that distinguish us from one another. Having graduated with a Major in Advertising and Video Production, it proved quite easy to come up with my own taste since the career involves teaming up with talented people. I think the industry needs high-level knowledge, taste, and style and that is exactly what I offer.

    It is easy to notice the different fashion wear in every post on your Instagram account. How do you manage this?

    One of the most difficult challenges that influencers face is getting new pieces to wear on a shoot and choosing the right settings which makes it interesting and unique. I am aware that most of my followers rely on what I post as a source of inspiration. I don’t necessarily wear fancy stuff. It’s all about the personality and not about a brand. This has made me who I am today since I know what the audience wants to see.

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