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Which Member Of The Gang Are You?

Wait, why are you here?

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  1. Dogs or cats?

    I just got a new pupper!!!
    Preferably dogs
    My dogs are my children
    The more dogs the better tbh
  2. When do you fall asleep at sleepovers?

    As late as possible
    Happy medium~
    Unconditionally first
    I never sleep
    At the end of the movie
  3. Do you tumblr?

    I started the tumblr trend
    When I can
  4. Favorite color?

    Orange and baby pink
    Baby pink, army green, gray
    Dark blue
  5. What's your Aesthetic?

  6. What is your Hogwarts house?

    I am a hatstall between ravenclaw and slytherin but ultimately ravenclaw :)
    Slytherin, all the way
    I am Ravenclaw :-/
    Slytherin, if you must know.
    Hufflepuff :)
  7. Pick an Avenger

  8. Pick a franchise

  9. Preferred Snapchat Style

    Replies w/ happy cute faces
    I don't reply
    Pics of my computer screen / whatever's in front of me
    Ugly selfies
    Replies in text
  10. Pick a TV show

  11. What's your role in a gang of criminals?

    The main thief
    Grifter / con artist
    Hitter / assassin
  12. What's your catchphrase?

    Bud-dy pal
    My dude
    i'm dying
    I love you
    Have fun be safe
  13. Which Hamilton character are you?

    Hercules Mulligan
    Philip Hamilton
    Marquis de Lafayette
    John Laurens
    Alexander Hamilton
  14. What Parks and Rec character are you?

    Ron Swanson
    Ben Wyatt
    Leslie Knope
    Donna Meagle
    Ann Perkins
  15. What's your staple clothing item?

    A leather jacket
    Nice cardigan
    A comfy sweater
    A pair of Converse
  16. Pick a scene

  17. Which voice are you at the sleepover?

    [sleepover voice] are you guys awake
    [sleepover reply voice] yeah
    [regrettable sleepover voice] you guys SHHH
    [confused sleepover voice] u guys ever heard of the Mandela Effect
    [exasperated sleepover reply] dude
  18. Which Disney princess are you?

  19. Favorite way to consume potatoes

    really salty fries
    Mashed, but all kinds are great
    Fries! any fries
    Shoe string fries!
  20. Way you show affection

    Little punches
    Encouraging notes
    Giving little gifts
    Buys you Starbucks
  21. Role in the orchestra?

    Our fearless leader
    Our fearless leader (cello edition)
    The fun aunt
    The lone ranger
    I'm here for a good time
  22. Who's Your Candidate?

    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Obama's Secretary of State
    The former Ms. Rodham
    Nasty woman
  23. What's your college aesthetic like?

  24. Pick a Hamilton quote

    Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now
    My dog speaks more eloquently than thee
    I am inimitable, I am original
    This kid is insane, man
    There's a million things I haven't done, but just you wait

Which Member Of The Gang Are You?

You got: Upuli

Congrats, you got Upuli! You’re adventurous, fun-loving, and you love a good story. You’re a voice of reason, but also the life of the party, and you aren’t afraid to get into a good adventure. You’re always there to listen to a good rant, and you’re always there for your friends. Your aesthetic is on point, and you’re always in the know on the next dank meme. At the end of the day, you like to cuddle in bed with your cat, a comfy sweater, and hot tea.

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You got: Kylin

Congratulations, you got Kylin! Not only are you the best and brightest concertmaster Stillwater has ever seen, but you’re loved by everyone you interact with. You’re academically driven, have a great ear for puns, and your love for cardigans is eternal. Your glass is always half full, and you love a good night cuddled with your buds. With your friends, you are a voice of encouragement, and are always there to cheer them on.

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You got: Sam

Congrats, you got Sam, a literal human burst of sunshine. You’re one of the most loving people on this earth, and your beauty is often confused with that of a goddess. Your musical ability is unparalleled, and you capture the hearts of all with your instrument. You are always so driven in your passion and your work, and you are always there for your friends. To others, you are a light to their day and a light to everyone’s lives.

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You got: Landes

Congrats, you got Landes. Unsurprisingly, you are actually one of the greatest people to walk this earth. You’re kind, you’re smart, and you’re pretty damn badass. You don’t take shit, and you will stand until the earth crumbles to defend what you believe. You will go to the ends of the earth for your friends, and fight anyone who threatens to hurt them. You are artistic in every way, and are the actual tumblr/pinterest goals. Look around, though, because everyone you know is with you to the end of the line.

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You got: Rachael

Congrats, you got Rachael. You are easily the most determined person ever. You know exactly what you want, you set a goal, and you achieve it. You’re super badass, and while you don’t need anyone to back you up, your friends are always there. You’re the glue of the friend group, and you basically made the group. Your musical talent is unparalleled, and there’s a million things you haven’t done. But just you wait, because one day, you’ll be seeing your name in headlines.

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