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Picking The Best MHS Orchestra President As Told By "Friends"

Orchestra elections are coming up fast! Need help deciding on who to vote for? Here are the 12 reasons Allison, Bobak, Jeanette, Susan, and Bryan are your FRIENDS:

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1. We love Orchestra!

Orchestra is the one place that we all share. It's what links us together, through music and through friendship. We love the community that is built through orchestra and want to make sure that everyone feels welcome and supported no matter what.

4. We give great advice!

Along with awesome puns and sarcastic comments, we'll always be there to give you advice for any problem you have, whether it's in orchestra or outside of school! Also, we'll be there to help tutor you with any class or help you with your instruments!

12. We'll be there for you!

Any good friend will be there for you through thick and thin, and as Presidents, we promise to always be in touch! We'll make sure to stay in touch with you throughout the year, giving out our contacts and using a Remind text system to make sure you're up to date with all of the amazing things we have planned! Vote Allison, Bobak, Jeanette, Bryan, and Susan for Orchestra presidents!

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