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The Future Of Cloud Data

Cloud computing is worth an estimated US$127 billion in 2017

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The word ‘cloud’ has become something of a buzzword to describe everything in the world of IT, but there is a reason for it. Cloud computing and cloud data is becoming increasingly important in the world, for both businesses and consumers. In simple terms, the ‘cloud’ represents data that is stored on the internet rather than on a local hard drive on your PC.

Cloud computing is worth an estimated US$127 billion in 2017, with this figure set to rise to $500 billion by 2020. It is clear why cloud computing has become such a recurring topic in the world of IT and business. We are going to look at what 2018 holds for this exciting technology.


The global data centre traffic is expected to triple within the next year, reaching an estimated 8.6 zettabytes, or 8.6 trillion gigabytes, by the end of 2018.

Cloud data centres

It is expected that more than 78% of workloads will be handled by cloud data centres, with just 22% being handled by traditional centres. This is unsurprising as traditional data centres are expensive to build and maintain in comparison to cloud data centres, which run much more efficiently.

31% of this cloud workload will be in public cloud data centres whilst 69% will remain in private cloud data centres.

The ‘Internet of Everything’ (IOE)

The ‘Internet of Everything’ is the idea that everyone and everything should and will be connected to the internet. From fridges and washing machines to eye glasses and baby monitors. It is expected that IOE devices such as these will create 403 zettabytes worth of data in 2018, compared to just 113.4 zettabytes in 2013.

Cloud Storage

2018 will see more than 50% of the world’s population using cloud storage for personal means. This could range from storing photos to emails and documents. This is no doubt due to the world’s increasing embrace with IT and technology.

It is not only consumers, however, as business users are also generating data at an incredible rate. A business user’s needs for cloud storage can differ from a personal user, as often larger amounts of data are being stored and performance is crucial.

What Syntax can do for you

Syntax are no strangers to the rapidly growing technology that is cloud data. With Syntax CloudSuite, which is built upon Microsoft’s Cloud technology, we provide a scalable and secure platform to enable your business to embrace the power of cloud computing.

We cover all aspects of using cloud technology in this service, which we put into three distinct categories (with an optional 4th).

Collaboration covers the typical business cloud functions such as emails, file storage & sharing, Microsoft Office 2016 as well as the option to include Conferencing and Presence.

Support, you can have peace of mind knowing that any issues can be fixed by the Syntax ServiceDesk remotely or on-site if necessary. Your data is continually monitored and backed up so no crucial data is lost. There is even an option to have 24/7 support.

Security, because your data is important. You do not need to worry about viruses as anti-virus is included, which again is actively monitored by our team. We also make sure your systems and applications are always up-to-date so they are as stable as can be. For added security, you can have the option of ‘Threat Prevention’, which actively seeks out suspicious behaviour within your network, alerting us to a problem before it even becomes one.

Find out what Syntax can do for your business, whether it is cloud computing or any other IT support service. Our experienced team will cater to all your IT needs to help your business grow.

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