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15 Aberdeen Resident Quiz

The individuals residing at 15 Aberdeen Street are a distinct bunch. Different in size, shape, personal interest, and opinion on vaporizers, each and every one of us is a unique lad. Take this quiz to see which one of us you best relate to!

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  1. What time do you go to sleep?

    Whenever the shithawks start chirping
    3:30 AM, after the vegetables are finished roasting
    Movie, you say?
    11:47 PM, I have a lift in the morning
    9:45 PM, turn the damn music down
    It's easy to tell, just wait for the noise to stop
    You don't sleep, you sociopathically nap
  2. You're cooking: what's in the pot?

    3-courser, don't overcook the meat
    Cheese with noodles
    Anything but a green vegetable
    Leave it to Boyardee
    Mom's lasagna
    Grilled Cheese
    Instagrammable breakfast bagel
    Human remains
    Human remains with spices
  3. Music

    If it's a white guy singing, turn it off
    Anything that you'd define to be "cultured"
    EDM + rap beats, only cause the fans love it
    Youth - MERS.
    Dave Matthews - Top 10
    Dave Matthews (everything vet) + U2
    Weird alternative music nobody likes
    Drake, Bob Marley, & R&B
    Scott Helman, he's my cousin
  4. It's Friday night, what are you boozing?

    Coronas and Ciroc - don't forget the limes
    "I'll take 3 of your most expensive bottle..."
    Whisky, the good stuff
    Where's my flask
    Vape juice
    Dark beer (beauty)
    Naughty Otter
    Busch lattes
  5. How much chest hair do you have?

  6. Where are you from?

    "Io vivo in Italia"
    China, only if you look close though
    Italian stallion
    A little bit of Italy
    Wherever there is a drought and no veggies
    The land where kids hit puberty at age 6
  7. Approach to Tobacco products

    Snus, but Snapchat and eject immediately
    Only if I can eat it
    Anything that goes in my fancy, handheld gizmo
    DL snus fiend
    Absolutely not
  8. It's Friday night... where you at?

    Ale without my shirt on
    Ale, then Bubba's caesar special
    Stages, idiot
    Ale, black suede boots
    Asleep. I had ritual today!
    Ale, then AP with 1st years
    Ale, after the blackmarket closes for the day

15 Aberdeen Resident Quiz

You got: Nonno Hova

Your future is bright, and by bright we mean green. Lots of $$$ on the horizon for you, just get yourself a pair of slippers and an intolerance for trucks in the left lane and you're good to go!

Nonno Hova
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You got: Smitty

The one and only. Don't expect to grow anymore as you hit puberty at age six. Silky hands on and off the ice. Better hope your friends don't chirp the vape...

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You got: MERS.

Ah, our favourite nocturnal DJ. We could say you're going to make a lot of money but it really doesn't matter -- you make more money per week than any other student in the ghetto, yet you still live paycheck to paycheck. #friendship

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You got: Lallzino

Shine Auto Detailing's fearless leader. Better start working on your body because you'll soon find yourself shirtless at parties (bruh). Best dancer in the ghetto and loves everything to do with the fellas. Add him on Snapchat and saddle up for a documentary when he goes to the museum

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You got: Lizard

A poor man's Michael Del Zotto, you're 50% lizard, 50% Italian stallion. The so called "chief" of Commerce is the 15 Aberdeen creature who has never been wrong about anything in his entire life. Name a bigger Dave Matthews fan... I'll wait.

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You got: Jonesy

Buy it? No, build it. Hope you like Snapchat, grilled cheese, and the combination of the two, every. single. Monday. Honestly though, please, please, PLEASE turn the damn music down, it's a schoolnight.

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You got: Wattsy

15's very own resident sociopath. If your friends frequently get mad at you, you have shit friends -- it takes effort to get Wattsy upset. You're a simple man, with needs limited to grade-A homemade breakfast sandwiches, finishing work before fun, a bathrobe that only comes out in certain situations, and vegetation that is carefully watered and cared for. You did well on this quiz.

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