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    8 Subscriptions To Get Your S.O. For Valentine's Day

    Your S.O. isn't basic so neither should their V-Day gift

    1. MunchPak

    MunchPak / Via

    MunchPak delivers a different, mixed assortment of international sweets and snacks from around the globe, many of which are tough, if not impossible, to find on American soil. Price: Starts at $9.95

    2. LootCrate

    Lootcrate / Via

    From Harry Potter to video games to pets, you'll definitely be able to find the perfect subscription for you S.O. Price: Starts at $19.37

    3. Boxycharm

    Boxycharm / Via

    If you S.O. loves makeup they are sure to love Boxycharm! For just $21 a month they get 5 full sized products usually worth over $100. Price: $21

    4. Fanchest

    Fanchest / Via

    The perfect gift for the special person in your life who loves their sports team almost as much as they love you. Price: Starts at $49.99

    5. Winc

    Winc / Via

    If your S.O. loves wine, stop your searching and definitely get them this for Valentine's Day! Price: Starts at $39

    6. Blue Bottle

    Blue Bottle / Via Blue Bottle

    Perfect for any coffee lovin' S.O. you may have in your life!

    7. Stitch Fix

    If your loved one loves clothes, this is the box for them. 5 hand-selected pieces of clothing delivered to your door! Price: Starts at $20

    8. Savor the Dark Book Club

    Quarterly / Via

    Perfect for the bookworm and chocolate lover in your life. Price: Starts at $49

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