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16 Thoughts Girls Have When They First Sleep With Him

Like we don’t overthink things enough just trying to fall asleep alone. Try Perfect hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector by Living Proof, and better hair by morning won’t require another thought!

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1. "Wow, he looks really cute in PJs."

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I don't hate that we're sharing a bed later.

2. "I have the perfect magic trick to show him."

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"It's comfortable for me and mind-blowing to him: win-win, bruh."

3. "I hope he likes my place. I literally did nothing all day but clean it."

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"I dusted the microwave and lint rolled the duvet... I got this sh** on lock."

4. "He's going to use my bathroom. He's gonna find something embarrassing."

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5. "Is it too risky to watch him sleep? He's really cute."

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"I'm gonna do it— WAIT, HE'S STIRRING... ABANDON SHIP."

6. "Is he going to watch me sleep at some point? I want to tell him that's a bad idea."

7. "Please don't let me fart in my sleep."

"He doesn't need to know my body like that. Not yet."
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"He doesn't need to know my body like that. Not yet."

8. "What if he wants to do it when we wake up but I look like an ogre?"

9. "Can I reapply my makeup before he wakes up?"


"Or is that insane and problematic?"

10. "What if he snores?"

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"If I snore...well, it doesn't matter, because I'm out like a light." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

11. "I'm gonna judge his bedroom so hard."

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Deduct points for: posters of babes on cars, dirty dishes, weird smell.

Bonus points for: guitar, books, leather jacket.

12. "I should be adorable and make breakfast in the morning!"

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But probs not. #DreamBig

13. "Ugh, is it too late to brush my teeth again?"

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"I can taste that this mouth is gonna be a nightmare in eight more hours."

14. "I can't get comfortable, but I don't want to move and wake him up." / Via

"I guess I'm just gonna lie here and think about my own mortality and stuff..."

15. "I hope he still looks good in the morning."

"Probably. Guys are pretty much just slightly more swollen, dumb-haired versions of themselves in the morning."

16. "We've been lying in bed talking for, like, three hours. I'm gonna be so tired."

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"But I don't think I care... This is fun as hell."

Apply Perfect hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector before bed and wake up thinking, Damn, I look good.

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