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15 Reasons To Feel Confident Right Now

Feelin' yourself is all a matter of remembering who you are. All that confidence requires a hair flip — Perfect hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector by Living Proof has you covered.

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1. You spend time pleasing yourself, not others.

Being good to yourself is the first step to being good to others without being a people-pleasing doormat. The more you do for your own approval, the more approval you'll get from the people who matter.

2. Your parents know you're the boss of yourself now.

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You are truly your own person now, and even if Mom or Dad get all, well, Mom and Dad-ish on you, trust that it's very clear to them that you've got this covered.

3. People you genuinely love genuinely love you back.

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It is a testament to your own awesomeness when those who are closest to you are people you think the world of. We get the kind of sick vibes we put out, so give yourself props for vibing with people who are truly good eggs.

4. You don't make mistakes, you have experiences.

As long as you learn from what didn't work and stay persistent, you're gonna get it eventually!

5. Your toughest memories are reminders of what you can survive.

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Scars of all kinds are badges of courage, proof that you can not only survive, but heal and thrive and carry on like the damn warrior woman you are!

6. You don't need other people's opinions — you've got enough of your own.

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It's important to have an open mind and open ear, but when you can innately trust yourself and your views, other people's opinions stop shaping you, and your true self starts to really take shape.

7. Whenever someone said you couldn't do something, you proved their ass wrong.

There are only two words you need to say the next time someone says you can't do it: "Watch me."

8. You haven’t given up on your goals.


Achieving goals is nothing more than taking focused little steps for as long as it takes, adapting, and pushing yourself a little more every day. Get it, girl!

9. Remember that someone, somewhere thinks you have it all

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Whenever you feel like you're the worst, take a minute to take stock of just how much you truly have going for you that others would kill for. Be grateful for who you are and what you have now.

10. You’re not lucky. You’ve worked hard.

Ever notice how the harder (and smarter) you work, the more luck you seem to have? Take a second to really revel in how you are where you are now because you followed (or maybe even created) opportunities. You freakin' rock star.

11. People know better than to talk behind your back.

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And if they do, just remember what your homegirl Eleanor Roosevelt said about those basics.

12. You know that every person who dumped you did you a HUGE favor.

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You don't want to be with someone who doesn't see how obviously better life is with you in it. Let them go to find wherever they belong — it sure as hell isn't on your arm!

13. You don’t care what they think because you don’t think of them at all.

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To quote the great RuPaul: "Unless they payin' your bills, pay them bitches no mind." Remember that nobody is awesome in everyone's eyes...and you're certainly not a nobody.

14. You give a damn.


You do GAF about the important stuff: being a better version of yourself with every goal you set, with every new person you let into your life, and with every new thing you try.

15. You’re you, and you know how awesome that is.

Even on days where you think you're straight up the worst: You're a damn treasure. You're crazy at times, you're a hot mess sometimes, but these are all by-products of being an interesting, kick-ass human being.

Now that you're feelin' yourself, treat yo self to some hair TLC with Perfect hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector.

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