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    The Weekenders: Drinking Game

    For those of you who, like me, are still wishing that your mom gave advice like Tino's mom, or wondering how many months Mrs. Duong was actually pregnant, or trying to figure out how many brothers Lor *actually* has, this could be the game for you!

    So I've been re-binging this early-2000's Disney cartoon, and every time i re-watch it, I realize how many people haven't seen it or even heard of it. This animated series is basically about the weekend misadventures of four sarcastic, neurotic pre-teens in Bahia Bay, California. Whether you're just watching it for the first time or, like me, re-watching it for the 50th, I figured that everything is more fun with a drinkning game, right?

    TAKE ONE SIP every time you see a title card.

    TAKE ONE SIP every time Tino goes overboard.

    CHUG YOUR DRINK every time you see a Chug-a-freeze.

    TAKE ONE SIP every time you hear Mrs. Duong say "Helpers Helping the Helpless"

    TAKE ONE SHOT every time something on Tino's plate moves.

    TAKE ONE SHOT every time Tino's mom says something sarcastic.


    TAKE ONE SHOT every time Carver talks about shoes.

    TAKE ONE SHOT every time Tish says something that no one else understands.

    TAKE ONE SHOT every time the pizza place changes theme.

    FINISH YOUR DRINK every time Lor forgets how many brothers she has.

    TAKE ONE SIP for each of Lor's brothers you see.

    Is what I say!

    Later days!

    I hope you guys enjoyed reading this at the very least...if you give this drinking game a try, let me know how it goes in the comments section. Later days!