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    The Weekenders: Drinking Game

    For those of you who, like me, are still wishing that your mom gave advice like Tino's mom, or wondering how many months Mrs. Duong was actually pregnant, or trying to figure out how many brothers Lor *actually* has, this could be the game for you!

    So I've been re-binging this early-2000's Disney cartoon, and every time i re-watch it, I realize how many people haven't seen it or even heard of it. This animated series is basically about the weekend misadventures of four sarcastic, neurotic pre-teens in Bahia Bay, California. Whether you're just watching it for the first time or, like me, re-watching it for the 50th, I figured that everything is more fun with a drinkning game, right?

    TAKE ONE SIP every time you see a title card.


    Ahhhhh, the infamous title cards. As this show mostly only occurred on the weekends, the way that they show the changing of days was to fade out to a colorful title card that said which day it was. Obviously since there are at least 3 different title cards in each episode, we're going to keep this at one sip so we're not all plastered by episode 5.

    TAKE ONE SIP every time Tino goes overboard.


    It doesn't take anyone long to see that Tino is...well, somewhat neurotic. His friends frequently find him going off the deep-end to solve whatever problem he's created for himself. It's up to you whether you want to take one sip when he starts his wacky antics or continue drinking throughout the episode for this one, but one sip might be best if you don't want to find yourself blasted at the end of episode 1.

    CHUG YOUR DRINK every time you see a Chug-a-freeze.


    Weekends are for junkfood, right? Which means that all throughout the show, we see our protagonists mainly eating (or drinking!) their favorite junk foods -- pizza, chili cheese fries, and Chug-a-freezes.

    TAKE ONE SIP every time you hear Mrs. Duong say "Helpers Helping the Helpless"

    Mrs. Duong is the perpetually pregnant director of Helpers Helping the Helpless, Bahia Bay's main local spot to volunteer. She has a peculiar habit of repeating herself, which I think should lend itself well to a drinking game...

    TAKE ONE SHOT every time something on Tino's plate moves.


    Tino's mother truly has some...questionable choices when it comes to dinnertime. Often as you see the two converse about their days (or Tino's mom is doling out some wicked good advice), you can see something on the plate move in the background.

    TAKE ONE SHOT every time Tino's mom says something sarcastic.


    Not only can Ms Tonitini dole out the advice like no other, but she is also the master of sarcasm (we soon see that she's passed this gift of sarcasm on to her son....).



    The food of the world exhibit seems hit-or-miss for our seventh-grade friends. Take one sip if they enjoy the Food of the World exhibit, but if they don't you can't touch your drink at all until the next drinkable thing happens. Don't worry, shouldn't be long...

    TAKE ONE SHOT every time Carver talks about shoes.

    Tino and his mom are not the only ones who make up this stellar (animated) cast. Carver is the self-appointed "cool one" in the group, his main fashion obsession being shoes. Whether they be his "lucky" sneakers, shoes that will definitely get him in with the "cool kids" this time, or roller-blade sneakers, Carver is always obsessing about the next big thing.

    TAKE ONE SHOT every time Tish says something that no one else understands.


    Tish is the intellectual of the group. Always reciting Shakespeare, or creating art of some sort, or playing an instrument. But when you're always speaking like a mid-16th century character, in the 21st century, you're probably gonna turn some heads (and confuse the other 7th graders).

    TAKE ONE SHOT every time the pizza place changes theme.


    A pizza place can't have that many different themes, can it? Think again! The pizza place on The Weekenders changes themes every. single. episode. But to the waiter's credit, he *really* does a great job of getting into character...

    FINISH YOUR DRINK every time Lor forgets how many brothers she has.


    The MacQuarrie family has many children, almost all boys. I don't think we ever get a clear headcount of them though, because Lor can never seem to keep them all straight. So polish off your drink whenever you hear someone remind her that she actually has 14 brothers...or is it 13...?

    TAKE ONE SIP for each of Lor's brothers you see.


    We rarely see the MacQuarrie boys, but when we do see them, they're almost always together. The real challenge will be doing this when they're in a dog pile. Good luck!

    Is what I say!

    Take a shot every time Tish's mom says this after someone else has "translated" what she already said.

    Later days!


    This is the "hip" way that the kids of Bahia Bay say goodbye. While only said at the end of most episodes, it can also come up in the middle. Finish your drink when you hear this greeting.

    I hope you guys enjoyed reading this at the very least...if you give this drinking game a try, let me know how it goes in the comments section. Later days!