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15 Reasons Why Effy Stonem Is The Best Character From Skins

We all love our skins characters.. from Anwar and Maxxie to Cook and JJ, but this is why Effy is literally THE BEST character from skins uk. Sorry, Tones. Your sister is one hell of a character.

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1. Effy is no doubt the toughest, bravest character in skins (Sorry, Michelle) but can we please deal with the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous? I mean, no one has eyes like that...

2. I'm serious!!! Look at those eyes! NO ONE HAS EYES LIKE EFFY DOES.

"You really are beautiful." -Anthea Stonem

3. She suffered from severe mental illnesses, including psychotic depression, and she recovered. In my opinion, she is the most realest, bravest person on Skins.

"Hit me. I want to feel something. Hit me! I dare you..."

4. Her relationship with Freddie is literally goals. He loves her so fucking much and they are the best couple in skins, probably. Even when she blew him off for Cook, he still loved her and she always loved him.

Jk, #ChrisandJal4ever

5. Her style of clothing

Best. Outfit. In. The. World.

6. Her relationship with Pandora

"You're mental, and I'm useless."

7. Effy's relationship with her brother


8. Effy and Cook ( I know we were all rooting for Freddie, but you have to admit, Cook and Effy were also kinda goals :p )

9. Her wry smile that made all three boys of Skins fall in love with her

"Do you want me to want to get to know you? The problem is, they want to get to know me, too."

10. Her ability to party like no other


11. Her ability to be so fucking real, wherever she goes.

Yeah, Katie. It wasn't Effy's fault when you started strangling her like a psycho.

12. Her badass attitude

13. Her ability to never let her stupid, wanker Dad and Katie get in the way of doing her thang.

Happiness hit her, like a train on a traaaack...

14. Her inner beauty to care about the ones she loves

15. And lastly, the most important reason why we love Effy..

Is because she is a beautiful, brave person, with a spark so bright it can light someone up.

We love you, Effy!

Skins 4 life <3

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