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10 Testimonies That Show Gods Awesomeness

Ephesians 3:20 (NIV) " Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us."

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1. This testimony on how God is our healer.

Shabach (praise) the Lord!!!!!!! I praise you Lord for your mighty works, testimonies of God's awesomeness.

2. This beautiful testimony of she met Jesus.

Please follow the link to read the whole thread its truly amazing!

3. This testimony on how God is our helper.

My testimony, you can't tell me God isn't real

4. This testimony on how God came through.

Testimony. Sorry it's super long, hope it encourages someone.

5. This testimony on how Jesus brought her back to His sweetness.

This is a scary thing to do but I know there is freedom in my here it is...ALL GLORY TO GOD.…

6. This simple but mighty testimony on how God is our freedom.

7. Its a song but his testimony at the end just shows that Jesus is above all.

View this video on YouTube

If you listen to the version of this song on his album via Apple Music or Spotify he shares some more testimonies.

8. This testimony on how the devil really tried it, but awks for the devil cause God is able to deliver us from everything.

Hi Guys, Check this out! My story featured on another blog. Please RT. This might help someone on your TL #14

9. This lit testimony waiting to happen. Don't you just love faith?

Y'all my testimony gone be lit...God idk what you're trying to show me, but I know everything happens for a reason

10. This testimony on how God is doing things.

This Buzzfeed post is a testimony in itself. I've been thinking about doing this for a while now but I just never did it. Sometimes I will say to myself what exactly do you have to say to people I mean "Are you saved enough?" "Do you know God enough?" "Can you even write?" I just believed the lies the devil told me but the truth is I really don't have anything to say to people God does so I had no reason to start questioning myself. Also I have a huge issue with procrastination and being lazy but God is working on that with me. I actually did it soo praise God! I'm deliverttt (Jk jk we're getting there).

I pray these testimonies start a fire inside of you that cannot be quenched. Some of them really helped me in my aim to totally rely on God for everything and just showed me how AWESOME He is. Anyway God Bless!

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