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11 Parents Share Their Advice For Changing A Baby’s Nappy, Stress-Free

Poo-splosions, poo-namis, poo-canos…lucky babies are cute.

It all seems so simple when you’re just changing nappies on a doll at a baby shower — but nothing (and I mean nothing) can really prepare you for the absolute carnage of dealing with your baby’s first poo-splosion.

1. Always have a vast array of distractions on hand.

2. And be prepared for a poo-related disaster at all times.

3. Whoever smelt it, should deal with it...right?

4. Learn to work on-the-go.

5. Once they're mobile, it really does require much skill.

6. You can never have enough nappies and nappy wipes on hand.

7. It's all fun and games until your baby starts solids.

8. Get ready to bust a move and sing your baby's favourite nappy changing song — Broadway style.

9. Really, you can never be overprepared.

10. Get nifty and teach your baby "nappy" in sign language.

11. And finally, just do the best you can.

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*Individual usage may vary as every baby is unique. Nappy changes are recommended at appropriate intervals throughout the day or night to suit your baby’s needs (including their health, diet & developmental milestones).