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    15 weird and wonderful rewards you can get with crowdfunded books

    Crowdfunding is a great way to get involved in a book's journey from conception to publication. Not only will you get a copy of the book with your name included for all to see but you can also grab yourself some neat rewards! Here are 15 of the most weird and wonderful.

    1. The time written on a piece of paper, a quarter of jelly babies and a piece of string

    2. A game of chess with a Mastermind champion

    3. A one-on-one tour through unseen images by some of the greatest fashion photographers of the century

    4. A necklace made from the same material as the International Space Station

    5. Have a Chaser join your pub quiz team

    6. A collectable glass vial of the Sands of Time

    7. Run a bookshop for a day

    8. Adam Diment's blue velvet jacket from the 1960s

    9. A James Bond walking tour of London

    10. Name a character in the book

    11. Meet a surfboard

    12. A personal dedication from the author in the voice of Tour de France founder, Henri Desgrange

    13. A wooden spoon cooked with, and licked, by a granny

    14. A digital album of guided meditations and songs to accompany the book

    15. A cravat, a pair of cufflinks and a men’s fragrance called “Rakehell”

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