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6 Things Both Snowboarders And Skiers Can Finally Agree On

Riders and Skiers have been feuding forever, but we're more alike than what meets the eye. An exclusive activity often enjoyed by high society, where athleticism, style and size matter.

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1. They both cost a ton of money:

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Your coins must be stacked like Scrooge to ride this ride. Neither activity is cheap, with lift tickets upwards of $60-$70 per day, excluding gear rental, potential travel, room and board. Fortunately the two sports are becoming more accessible to the everyday enthusiast.

2. Tribal Style: What's your literal slope style?

Mariah Baylor Okemo Mountain, Where To Ski and Snowboard, NPR, 666, hop, frush, Spats, Sailcat, Obscure Reference / Via Okemo Mountain,,,

Snowboarding and skiing attract people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, all about the latest fashion trend, just learning on the Bunny Hill, considered a bit gnarly hunting for the best untouched powder, a techie with your GoPro and gadgets, NBS (National Brotherhood of Skiers) or an old head, people like you are represented on snowboards and skis.

3. Chairlift Struggles & Swag; dropped cell phones, falls and “the perfect dismount.”

Ski Magazine, Sunshine Villiage, Snapchat, Daily Mail / Via

Some days the chairlift is covered and the operator slows it down for that smooth pass off the lift. Some days you lose an iPhone 7 because you had to check Snap and post to IG.

4. Wipeouts: Everyone falls, karma is everything.

thompsonscottslc / Via

Rule of thumb no matter what you do; keep a look out for those shredding ahead of you, especially small children and people learning. Skiing is considered easier to learn, but more difficult to master. Where snowboarding is harder to learn and more fun. Regardless, always wear a helmet.

6. Switch in Popularity:

Candide Thovex, Justin Bieber / Via

Snowboard critics claim board popularity has “peaked,” and ski culture is back on the rise, more elusive and hip than ever. Now snowboard culture has matured and both sports have waxed/waned, and can be considered equally fun and challenging!

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