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These Quirky Mannequin Head Planters Give Your Garden Personality

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Turn a wig stand into one of these fun mannequin head planters! Here's how:



* Vinyl mannequin head
* Hack saw

* Gray spray paint

* Granite textured spray paint

* 3 (or more) cups all purpose garden soil

* 1 plant


1. Using a hack saw, cut a 2 in x 3 in rectangular hole in the crown of the mannequin head.

2. Coat the mannequin in gray spray paint. Let dry for 30 min.

3. Coat the mannequin in granite textured spray paint. Let dry for 2 hrs.

4. Fill the head 2/3 of the way with dirt.

5. Plant your flowers into the crown of the head as directed on the packaging.

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