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Seven Reasons Why We Wear Jewelry!

Many of us wear jewelry. Jewelry is anything that adorns any part of our body. But have you ever wondered about when, or how, or where the habit of wearing jewelry began?

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Even Animals Give Gifts.


Many species of male penguins have been observed gifting rocks to potential female mates. Acceptance of the rock, means acceptance of a partner. And Bonobo monkeys, thought to be so closely related to humans, give gifts of food like apples and bananas to other bonobos who aren't a part of their group. These cuddly primates give presents to strangers because they enjoy having new interactions and expanding their social network. Seduction and mating rituals can be observed in the animal kingdom. Adorning one’s body with jewelry is for instance a way for women to attract the gaze of a man.

Jewelry does not discriminate.


it doesn’t matter what size, shape or skin color someone is, they can always find something unique and beautiful that suits them! When you shop for shoes or clothes, a quick look at the tag adds anxiety about whether or not it will fit. With jewelry, there are no sizing charts. There are no stores that cater only to specific sizes or body types.

Jewelry is an Extension of our Personality


How do humans can't "strut their stuff" the same way as animals do? Even though we don't have the plum of a peacock or the mane of a lion, we can change the color of our hair, the clothes we wear, remove our wrinkles, but that's where the list ends. The careful selection of jewelry can reveal a lot about a person. Big, bold statement pieces? Maybe implies great self-esteem and self regard. Small, stylish earrings? Could mean quiet and reserved. Lots of layers? Maybe the wearer is a private's open to interpretation!

We Send Subtle Messages with our Accessory Choices

Earrings draw attention to the erogenous ear-lobes, belly bars draw the eye to the naval, pedants to the bosom. A wedding band can - and should - serve as a barrier to the amorous stranger, a warning that the wearer is already 'spoken for'. Should we choose, they also send message about our social stature, or the stature we maybe striving to achieve.

Jewelry is Symbolic.


We may have a craving for, but truly never a physical "need" of jewelry. But culturally we have assigned a tremendously high value to the beautiful, awe-inspiring pieces. Jewelry symbolizes birth, sex, marriage, covenant, wealth, mourning, martial success.....and the list continues. Jewelry is a great way to express sentiment, without words.

Maybe it is part of a Mating Ritual.


Just as animals will display a trait considered as superior such as strength or a brightly colored feathering to attract a mate, adorning one’s body with jewelry could be a subtle way for a woman to attract the gaze of a man.

It's a Great Way to Express our Style.


Today you like classic jewelry? Don't change your wardrobe, put on something classic. Tomorrow, you style changed to eclectic? Buy some fantasy jewelry. Want to stand out in a crowd? Splurge for a custom-made piece; a great and popular option for individuals who want to wear something truly unique.

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