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    Posted on Jan 19, 2017

    Not Your Mother's Pearls!

    Think: Donna Reed, Barbara Bilingsley & Marilyn Monroe - oh the pearls that lovingly graced their necks! Pearls have come a long way baby! Oh, how they've undergone a transformation and rejuvenation from just a pearl necklace!

    Accessorize Your Shoes!


    Pearls aren't just to go around your neck anymore! From the tip of your toes (and everywhere in between) pearls of all shapes and sizes will make you a stand out! (And a stand up, until you have to sit down after wearing these heels!)

    The Great Divide!


    Think a pearl belt is limited to bridal wear? Think again! A fabulous pearl belt is exactly what you need to dress up a sweater and transform it from day wear, to night wear!

    Glam-Up Your Eyes!


    Why should pearls be limited to locations below the neck! Get those gems of the sea in places where they can be seen! Pearls look awesomely in place surrounding the lenses and on the arms of these sunglasses!

    Layer 'Em


    Only one necklace? No way! Couple differing lengths, shapes and colors and voila! An amazing statement piece! Wouldn't it be great if we all could carry off this glam look!?

    Don't Just Stick with White!


    That's right....pearls come in shades including black, gold, pink, peach, lavender, blue & chocolate. Both enhanced and natural, every color is a natural beauty!

    Still "stranded" in Tradition?


    Find your favorite pearl, anywhere! You're not limited to a necklace, or a pearl solitaire! Silver and gold are great ways to highlight those gorgeous pearls! Don't let June Cleaver be the only stylish example of a stunning stone!

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