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7 Ways To Get In The Christmas Spirit With Nail Looks

The Christmas spirit is already in the air. You must have put up the Christmas tree and even finished shopping for gifts for your loved ones. You also might have got your Christmas menu all decided. It goes without saying that you would have decided what to wear to celebrate the festival. However, have you given some thought to how to do your nails this Christmas? The conventional nail paint look is totally passé. With nail art doing the rounds of the beauty scene, you too need to doodle in this. So, this festive season why not try out some awesome nail design ideas that will help you capture the Christmas spirits. You don’t even have to hire a professional or get an appointment in the salon for this nail makeover. You can do it yourself. Here are some amazing Christmas nail art designs that will get you into the mood for the festivities.

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1. A Colorful Combination

Don’t have enough time to get those intricate designs on your nails. No worries. You can still capture the festive spirits with some colorful nail paints. Our suggestions are red, green and gold as these truly reflect the spirit of Christmas. Alternate these shades on the fingers to get a mesmerizing look. If the gold nail polish is the glittery kind, it would surely be an added bonus. Don’t forget to add a top coat of transparent nail polish for that extra glossy look.

2. Candy Canes at your Fingertips

When you think of Christmas and all the goodies associated with it, you can surely not overlook candy canes. Well, these are so amazing to look at which is why nail art experts prefer to use this combination for nail art. Start by painting your nails with a white or an off-white nail paint. Now with a striper brush and red and green nail polishes, add stripes to all the nails except one. On this, design J-shaped candy canes – one in red color and the other in green. Accentuate these by adding white stripes to them. You can even glue on a crystal on these canes to add to the charm.

3. A Colorful French Manicure in Reverse

Well, there is hardly any lady who does not love the French manicure. However, when it comes to capturing the Christmas spirit, you need something colorful. Here is a superb nail design idea for this. Start by applying plum nail paint to your nails. Take golden nail polish, the glossy kind to be precise and using a striper brush, apply a line of this just above the cuticle to form a crescent. Glue in two or three crystals to the tip of each nail.

Fairy Lights on Nails

In case you are short on time and don’t think you can go all out to design something for your nails, don’t worry. Just get some inspiration from the fairy lights that shimmer on your Christmas tree. Paint your nails with a shimmery nail paint preferably copper or bronze shade. Let this dry. Using a glue, stick on red and green colored crystals on the nails near the cuticle to form a crescent. You have your very own fairy lights at your fingertips.

5. Center in Gold

If you love the nail designs but are really not keen on something that seems to over the top or too complicated, then you can go in for a simple yet classy nail design idea. Though you can use any shade of nail paint for this design, we would suggest a nude nail color. You can also replace this with peach or baby pink nail paint. Put on two or three coats of the nail polish on the nails and wait till it dries. Now using a striper brush and gold nail polish, draw a line that passes through the center of each nail. This is sure to add a touch of elegance to your hands. In case you want to go for a bolder color, pick red, green or plum.

6. Leaves for the Finger Nails

Another great way to capture the spirit of Christmas is by painting your finger nails like leaves. Since the Christmas wreath is one accessory you just can’t do without during the festivities, this nail design idea will look perfectly in place. First take a dark green nail polish and apply it on each nail. You can intersperse this with some lighter green to get that perfect leafy appearance. Once this dries completely, dip a striper brush in glossy gold nail polish and draw the veins of the leaves on each nail. You can even add a dot or two for an added effect.

7. Red and Gold Moons

The nude look for nails is fine, but when it comes to festivities a dash of color can surely make a world of difference. However, if you are really not keen on all color to look, try this idea. Dip a striper brush in red nail polish and create slim crescents at the base of each nail. Next take a gold nail polish. Using the striper brush, draw a crescent on the tip of each nail. Once these dry up, add a top coat for that glossy look.

With the festivities in the air, make sure you are perfectly made up from head to toe to enjoy Christmas. These amazing nail art designs will surely help you capture the true spirit of the season. So, go ahead and try these out for an added dose of Christmassy fun.

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