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14 Times You Really Need An Emoji

So long, actual words! LINE is a new messaging app with an Emoji Sticker for literally every situation. We put it to the test, and the results speak for themselves.

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1. When you're feeling productive.

2. When you're too hungover to make words.

3. When you want to flirt but you can't find the words.

4. When you're running a little late.

(And feeling a little guilty about it.)

5. When you can't think of a mature comeback.

6. When you're so over these texts.

OMG stahp.

OMG stahp.

7. When the answer is no, you do not want to go and get ice cream.

"I'll show you ice cream!"

8. When you're too busy to talk.

9. When you're taking your sweet time.

10. When you're just too poor.

11. When someone isn't responding.

12. When you just fell in love, a little bit:

13. When you took the day off to go to the beach!

(It's much easier telling a lie when you don't have to type it.)

(It's much easier telling a lie when you don't have to type it.)

14. And when... nope, bye!

"Gotta go!"

"Gotta go!"

Say goodbye to pesky sentences! Download LINE for free messaging, group chats, video chats, voice calls, and knock yourself out with the largest emoji library of over 40,000 Emoji Stickers! Check it out.

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Above images courtesy of LINE.