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    17 Ways Penguins Are Getting In Shape For Spring

    Keep an eye peeled for any penguins in your jazzercise class.

    1. They're eating on the go!

    2. They're working on their strut.

    3. They're giving themselves that extra push.

    4. They're practicing gymnastics!

    5. They're staying up-to-date on all the the important health tips.

    6. They're taking the stairs instead of the elevator!

    7. They're staying limber.

    8. They're working on their... aim.

    9. They're swimming like speeding bullets!

    10. They are bustling with the best of them!

    11. They are making great leaps...

    12. ... annnnd not-so-great leaps.

    13. They're... diving? More or less?

    14. They're having group workouts.

    15. They're keeping their heart rate up.

    16. They're working on their core strength.

    17. They're keeping their eye on the ball.

    Wow, it's really paying off, you guys. You lookin' FINE.

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