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17 Times Llamas Were Majestic

Llama faaaaaace.

1. When this fellow made great strides in personal style.

2. When this lady was JUST. NOT. HAVING. IT.

3. When this guy knew exactly how to work his selfie game.

4. When this guy smiled through his confusion.

5. When this gaggle of fluffs got curious.

6. When this graceful fairy herded sheep.

7. When this dude knew exactly where the camera was.

8. When this little fellow was knocked for a loop.

9. When this cuddler couldn't wait for Christmas.

10. When this gent had a casual day off.

11. When this bro got real excited about cuddles.

12. When this princess bestowed a kiss on one of her subjects.

13. When this lovely lady showed her best smile.

14. When this spitter let everyone know who's boss.

15. When this tumbler decided to do some calisthenics.

16. When this diva said "YOU WISH."

17. Oh, and that time when llamas were NOTHING SHORT OF MAGICAL.