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16 Problems Only Puppies Will Understand

The struggle is real.

1. Nobody takes your toughness seriously!

2. Humans have lots of rules.

3. Sometimes there are too many toys.

4. People don't LISTEN to your WORDS.

5. Sometimes you wanna help, but you just can't.

6. How do mattresses even work?

7. Having to get your human's attention can be a pain.

8. Height. And tall things. Problems.

9. Sometimes you have to work too HARD for stuuuuuuff.

10. Everything is bigger than you.

11. Why do stairs even exist?

12. Blanket monsters are a real thing, don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.

13. You can't quite pounce like a fearsome beast yet.

14. Lemons. What are they, even?

15. Playing all day is absolutely exhausting.

16. Cuteness is a powerful responsibility.

"Ha! I remember when I was that age..."

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