17 Most Vicious Puppy Attacks Ever

Warning: the following may contain graphically cute images. Viewer discretion is advised.

1. This cameraman comes face-to-face with a savage beast.


2. This poor man never stood a chance.

Reddit: lemondrink005 / Via i.imgur.com

3. These wild pups are out of control.


4. This feline cannot escape the diabolical masterminds.


5. Please look away if you’re squeamish.


6. Those fiends!!

Reddit: Manticorp / Via i.imgur.com

7. This man feigns a smile in a feeble attempt to survive his attackers.

Reddit: garfoofafuffel / Via i.imgur.com

8. Such depravity.

9. This man allows himself to be overtaken by the tiny barbarians.

10. The color orange has provoked these puppies into a frenzy.


11. Even their own mother is not safe from their ferocity.


12. Run, tiny human! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!


13. These tiny brutes swarm upon the unsuspecting cat like bees.



15. A cavalcade of vicious beasties.


16. One of the most dangerous street gangs around.


17. Oh, the humanity!


… Okay, actually, who are we kidding? Being attacked by puppies is the best thing ever.


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