17 Cats On Bad First Dates

It can be difficult to make that special connection. Sometimes it makes you wanna cough up a hairball.

1. “Welp, we are literally five minutes into this and I already know that this was a terrible mistake. Wheee!”


2. “Well. At least there’s food in front of me.”


3. “… No, no, I’m paying attention! You were, ah, talking about your stock portfolio. Right?”


4. “Are you gonna eat that… oh, okay, I’ll wait.”


5. “… I’m sorry, did you just make a weird joke about getting married? TO ME? AFTER TALKING FOR THIRTY MINUTES?”


6. “Waiter! I’m gonna need more delicious alcohol!”


7. “Oh my God, how and WHY did we get on the subject of politics?”


8. “Uh, I feel like I need to do some fact-checking on some of the crap that’s spewing forth from your mouth right now.”


9. “… Annnnd you just made a subtly racist comment. Wow.”


10. “It is my professional opinion that everything you’re saying is horse shit.”


11. “Why. Why am I here.”


12. “Just going to the bathroom! Definitely not going to text my best friend about you!”


13. “Somebody SAVE ME PLEASE.”


14. “Keep your hands to yourself, buddy.”


15. “Cool, thanks for everything, this conversation is over forever!”




17. “… Byyyyye!”


“Ahh. Back in my sanctuary. This is what I should’ve been doing the entire time!”


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