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    13 Baby Rhinos Being Rambunctious

    These rhino youngsters are always ready to play.

    1. "Oh yes, hallo, may I help you?"

    2. "IIIII'M GONNA GETCHA... nevermind!"

    3. "Check out my sweet moves!"

    4. "Yes, more of that, please."

    5. "Romping is my fave."


    7. "Hmm, somethin' smells fishy.." *sniff sniff*

    8. "... Just kidding, I'm scared of humans!"

    9. "Sometimes you gotta take a break from playing to carb up."

    10. "You really get more flavor if you smack your lips..."

    11. "C'mon mom, I'll charge ya!"

    12. "Aw maaaaannnn, nap time already??"

    13. "Oh hey, I can do it too!"

    Yep, it's all cute until they get into their teenage prankster phase...