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22 Animals Celebrating National Doughnut Day

These animals are just as stoked about National Doughnut Day as you are.

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1. This cruller cuddler.

2. This pint-sized pastry connoisseur.

3. This dog who can't even with these sprinkles.

4. This sweet-roll sleeper.

5. This sugar-fueled party animal.

6. This fried-dough fiend!

7. This pastry-faced pup.

8. This dog who refuses to share.

9. This balancing professional.

10. This frosted ferret.

11. This airborne eclair bandit.

12. This cake-cuddling kitty.

13. This fellow who knows when to say "please."

14. This unabashed beggar.

15. This sweet-toothed sir.

16. This doughnut-hole hopeful.

17. This pup who SWEARS he's only here to guard the doughnuts.

18. This dunker-mouthed dumpling.

19. This dude who just couldn't help himself.

20. This mustachioed muncher.

21. This frosting-fueled Frenchie.

22. And this corgi who knows you don't need to SEE the doughnut to know it's delicious.

* Editor's note: feed your pet some animal-friendly treats as opposed to actual doughnuts, which might upset their tummies!

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