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16 Tips From Bulldogs To Improve Your Day

Don't worry if you're having an off day. These wrinkly fellows are here to help you out with their wells of infinite cuteness.

1. "Don't be ashamed to carry your favorite stuffed animal around if you need a pick-me-up."

2. "Wear sunglasses to look cooler/less squinty."

3. "Sometimes cleaning is the worst so just don't do it!"

4. "You can probably talk your way out of that speeding ticket..."

5. "It's okay to talk to friends if you need to."

6. "Sometimes you just gotta ignore that giant cat on your back and keep on smilin'."

7. "Nobody is too old for a power nap."

8. "When in doubt, flaunt what you've got."

9. "There's no such thing as being TOO foxy."

10. "Catching some rays can brighten your mood!"

11. "Don't feel too shy to show off your shapely legs."

12. "Don't sweat the small stuff, mmkay?"

13. "Sometimes, you just need for something cute to chomp you in the face."

14. "It's okay to feel a little droopy."

15. "A comfy chair can solve lots of problems."

16. "If all else fails, schedule some quality YOU time."