15 Signs Your Pet Is Absolutely Smarter Than You

You’ve been suspecting it for a while… now it’s time to find out once and for all.

1. They use your computer more than you do…

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2. … and get really annoyed when you interrupt them.

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3. They have a nicer office than you do.


4. They’re more helpful than you are.


5. They dress more fashionably than you. On a regular basis.

6. Unlike, you, they actually learn from their mistakes.


7. They have reached Master Stealth Level.


8. They’ve taken up new and fulfilling hobbies.


9. They book their own vacations.


10. They’re way better at making friends than you are.


11. They understand physics, and have to explain it to you regularly.


12. They make you feel guilty for not watching the nightly news with them.


13. They have to tell you when you’ve stopped being funny.


14. They opened a checking account because they didn’t trust you to handle their finances.


15. Sometimes, when you’re running late, they have to drive you to work.


Despite all this, though, they’re still your best friend…


… and they’re JUST as stoked about it as you are.


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