15 Seals You Wanna Be Friends With

International Day of the Seal is upon us! Time for us to be honest about how much we wanna hang out with seals.

1. This seal is super casual about chilling with you.

“Sup guys, welcome to my beach!”

Reddit: Pavolin / Via i.imgur.com

2. This seal has an incredibly charming gaze.

“Cuddles, please.”

Reddit: brunswick / Via i.imgur.com

3. This seal is basking like nobody’s business.

“Aaaah, gotta soak up some sweet-ass rays before swimsuit season.”

Reddit: brendanmcgulgan / Via i.imgur.com

4. This one is a straight-up bathing beauty.

“Being coy? Who, me?”

Reddit: AnEagleInYourMind / Via i.imgur.com

5. This is the Augustus Gloop of seals.

  • blub blub *
Reddit: ihazabagel / Via i.imgur.com

6. Whoever coined the phrase “puppy-dog eyes” has never been on the receiving end of this guy’s “SEAL PUP EYES.”


7. This fussy lil’ Harp Seal pup calls out to his fellow pups and tugs your heart strings at the same time.

8. If you thought there was anything cuter than these seal friends… well. Sorry. There isn’t. We can all go home now…

Reddit: InfluEntial / Via i.imgur.com

9. … Okay, these guys just keep proving my point.

Reddit: dessinemoiunmouton / Via i.imgur.com

10. Can we squeal about this bossy seal pup?

“C’mon, human, let’s go!”


11. This one tells a mean joke… kinda.

“……….. HA!”

12. This one somehow manages to blink adorably.


13. This seal’s got game.

“C’mon baby, gimme some suga.”


14. I’m just going to pretend that this little guy is chuckling because that would be the best thing ever.


15. These seals have some mean harmonies going on up in here.


Nice try, Dog. You are not a seal. But we still think you’re cute.

DenshiKenshi / Via i.imgur.com

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