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    15 Cutest Reasons Why You Should Love Owls

    This weekend (March 7-9) is the International Festival of Owls in Houston, MN. So, what better way to support such a festival than posting a bunch of cute owl pictures?

    1. A group of owls is called a "Parliament."

    PhantomKei / Via

    A group of incredibly shocked owls is called "Adorable."

    2. They enjoy pats.


    * Pat pat pat *

    3. They have faces that just don't quit. / Via

    "Oh hey, that's me."

    4. Sometimes being cute is tiring, so they retire for an afternoon siesta.

    Flickr: rafaela_oliveira


    5. They're extremely efficient.

    Flickr: pictiurfear

    They can pinpoint their prey's location, thanks to their asymmetrical ears. The owl tilts its head until it can estimate both the vertical and horizontal direction of the sound. (That's not, like, super cute, but it IS super cool!)

    6. Some of them are pocket-sized!

    Flickr: mfakheri

    Perfect for travel!

    7. Their eyesight is better than yours.

    Flickr: usfwsmidwest

    They have an extremely large binocular range of vision, thanks to the size and placement of their eyes.

    8. Sometimes they give each other smooches.

    Flickr: 42311564@N00 / Via Creative Commons


    9. They're into snuggling!

    Flickr: tranny

    Okay, so it's for warmth... but still!

    10. They're don't cut corners with personal hygiene.

    Reddit: haddis

    11. They're not gonna take any crap from Conan. / Via

    "I see you, pal."

    12. They can be a liiiiiittle suspicious.

    Imgur: LapDogThoroughbred / Via

    This little guy is one of the educational animals at Centre Wildlife Care in Pennsylvania.

    13. They always look fabulous.

    Flickr: crotach

    Even when they roll out of bed – er, nest – in the morning.

    14. ... and, full disclosure, they can be a teeny bit grumpy.

    Flickr: 8371017@N04 / Via Creative Commons

    Which actually makes them more likable.

    15. They're also damn majestic.

    In short, owls are the bee's knees, and everyone should love them. Happy International Festival of Owls!

    Tumblr: tiitapotv

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