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13 Examples Of Unlikely Butterfly Friendships

Did you know that National Learn About Butterflies Day exists?? These animals are all about it.

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5. The Group Friendship

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In this friendship, everybody is friends and everybody hangs out. It's like a platonic-emotion orgy.

7. The Vacay Friend

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They may not see each other often, but they are allll about carousing in leisurely places. You follow them on Instagram purely to see if they will ever get arrested in a foreign country.

8. The Crunchy Granola Friends

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These friends tend to talk about their yoga-certification classes together, and like to compare their current stages of enlightenment.

9. The Party Animals

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THESE guys. You know the people who always end up staying over on your couch, even if it was only supposed to be a quiet dinner party? Yeah, that's these two.

12. The Fangirls

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These friends are over-flowing with energy and opinions about every little thing, and they generally tend to follow a single, ruthless leader.

13. The Not-So-Secretly-in-Love Friends

These friends tend to lock eyes just a little too long... and they stand just a little too close. Why don't they just freaking admit it already??

* Edit: A piece of tape masquerading as a butterfly water cooler friend was identified as such and has since been corrected.

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