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A Tribute To Luke Mayfield

Luke Mayfield life may have been cut short, but he sure left a lasting impression upon us all.

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Although Luke Mayfield was only a St. Ambrose student for two years, he left a lasting impression upon everyone he met. Unfortunately Luke is no longer with us. SAU students are mourning the loss of a fellow classmate and a beloved friend. We are here now to celebrate the wonderful life Luke lived.

Caleb BĂ©csi, class of 2015 reminisces the times he shared with a great friend and SAU soccer teammate, Luke.

"Luke Mayfield was the perfect combination of an athlete, rebel, scholar, and a gentleman. I could write page after page describing Luke's many virtues. I had the honor of calling him a close friend during my time at Saint Ambrose University. I will never forget or take for granted the impact he had on my life. Luke and I had many common interests; soccer, socializing, a touch of partying, however, it was fishing through which we truly bonded. I can recall a long weekend in September, 2013. Like the vast majority of foreign students, it was highly impractical for me to return to my native land. Luke, displaying his innate kindness, invited me back to meet and spend time with his beautiful family. We spent the weekend at his family's log cabin in the woods, fishing from dawn unto dusk. This may seem boring to many people, but not to us. I promised him that I would return the favor by taking him deep sea fishing off the Western Australian coast one year. Fate has cruelly denied me the chance. The next red emperor I catch will be in his honor. I know it is no real consolation, but I would like his family to know that Luke had an incredible touch on my life, and he was held in high regard by his 'foreign family'. I know that he is extremely missed from all of us, guys from different corners of the globe. He is a credit to anyone who had the good fortune of knowing him. RIP."

Luke was from Quincy, Illinois and his friends there were his family.

"Luke was someone I was always genuinely happy to see. We could banter and argue but I still knew he was a guy who would have my back no matter what. He taught me that you don't have to follows society's paths or expectations to be happy. He impacted me in a lot of ways." Shannon Foley said.

Luke was always a sincere person, "he genuinely cared for his friends and his family and always looked for a deeper more spiritual meaning in life. Passionate and inquisitive are always two words that come to mind, but not so serious that you didn't feel his love and his energy." Kate Genebacher said.

His cousin and SAU student Maty Waterkotte, remembers all the memories the two shared together. Saying this experience has brought her and her friends much closer to God.

" Luke faced his hardships head on. He was brave. He was bold. It is incredible to see the indelible mark Luke has left on our community and the other lives Luke has touched outside of our community."

Luke Mayfield was somebody who embraced every moment. Even though his life was cut short, he sure lived it to the fullest.

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