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This Dollar Store Hack For Cleaning Your Makeup Sponges Will Change Your Life

So fresh and so clean, clean.

It does wonders for makeup application.

^Especially when you've got some serious contour going on.^

Except when they get dirty, they look absolutely disgusting.

And your face just doesn't deserve that.

Some people swear by olive oil and dish soap.

But that can sometimes leave behind a greasy residue.

You could use the coveted "Solid" to cleanse your sponges...

But that costs a whopping $16.

That's roughly the cost of three grande Starbucks Frappucinos.

The most overpriced beverage.

The most overpriced beverage.

But Tatiana Ward, aka Beat Face Honey, aka makeup artist To Nicki Minaj, let us in on a little secret.

"I've come to find from traveling so much that hotel soaps work best in cleaning my Beauty Blender. For two years I'd travel to hotels and collect them at every stop," Ward tells BuzzFeed Life.

She says she has found that ~cheap~ bar soap works best because it's drying and really helps suck out all of the makeup.

Ward suggests using Dial bar soap and adds, "If it's OK for your body, it's OK for your face. Just make sure you thoroughly rinse!" By rubbing the sponge directly onto the bar soap, the makeup will melt right off, leaving behind a near perfectly cleaned sponge.

Ahhh, so satisfying.

So cheap, so effective.

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