Stop Everything And Look At These Adorably Stylish Dogs

    They're actually making ~fetch~ happen.

    1. This dog who's getting his summer swole on, bruh.

    2. This pooch who's sensible yet sophisticated.

    3. This little dude who's headed out to the local bluegrass festival.

    4. This furball who needed to roll up his sleeves after a long day at the office.

    5. This handsome fella who's done playing games.

    6. This "Trump" puppy — who rocks a combover much better, for the record.

    7. This furry friend whose Chucks are on point.

    8. This hipster pup who just doesn't wanna be mainstream.

    9. This mutt who appreciates a good hike.

    10. This dad dog who wants you kids to keep it down.

    11. This pooch who hopes his interview goes well.

    12. This sk8er boi who's just str8 chillin'.

    13. This badass hound who's sensitive on the inside.

    14. This hipster husky who would like to know if those treats are vegan.

    15. This dapper doggie who's got this whole formalwear thing down.

    Stay classy, canines.