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    If Things Overheard At Whole Foods Were Motivational Posters

    Be the kale you wish to see in the world.

    Chances are, if you've ever stepped foot inside a Whole Foods, you know that you'd better leave your earbuds at home — because the things you'll hear are just too good to miss.

    From the shopper who didn't want to be the other woman:

    From the person who wouldn't settle for anything less than they deserve:

    From the tree hugger who lives a simple lifestyle:

    From the foodie who has a refined taste:

    From the naturalist who had global warming mess up their food game:

    From the zen produce-buyer who's a healer:

    From the charitable person who gives back:

    From the punctuality-pusher who ensured their needs were met:

    From the person with an earthy sweet tooth who wants to leave behind a legacy:

    From the dog lover who's raising a proper pooch:

    From the ingredient-specific mom who caters to dietary restrictions:

    From the broken-hearted girl who's the quizzical type:

    From the careful eater who wasn't taking any chances:

    From the recycler who finds the good qualities in people:

    All quotes via Overheard at Whole Foods.