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This Is How You Actually Heal A Sunburn

Spoiler: Milk is involved.

Sunburns are quite possibly the worst part of summer.

It's like, how can Earth just betray you like that?

Here's what to do when you've been burned to a crisp.

As soon as you see redness, RUN.

Grab a cool compress.

For a more ~organic~ remedy, try putting milk on the burn(s).

But whatever you do, don't put ice on a sunburn.

Apply an aloe-based cream or gel.

Or hydrocortisone cream.

Or place green tea on your poor sunburned skin.

To cut down on ~peeling~, use a fragrance-free moisturizer.

And remember to drink lots of water.

Take ibuprofen for short- and long-term relief.

And if the burn is bad enough, you're going to need to seek medical attention.

And, above all, remember that when it comes to sun, less is more.