18 Times OITNB Taught Us Everything We Needed To Know About Beauty

    Pits, tits, and naughty bits.

    1. On proper grooming:

    2. On being confident in your own skin:

    3. On getting your beauty sleep:

    4. On following best practice:

    5. On finding the best ~beauty hacks~:

    6. On natural beauty:

    7. On utilizing time-saving tricks:

    8. On maintaining tradition:

    9. On embracing a softer side:

    10. On appreciating real beauty:

    11. On just doin' you:

    12. On having a simplistic approach:

    13. On working with what you've got:

    14. On becoming a woman:

    15. On looking at the bright side:

    16. On defending your good genes:

    17. On calling it like you see it:

    18. On not having any of that misogynistic bullshit:

    Rock on, ladies of Litchfield.